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Heading home


Last night Daniela and I recieved a note from our friend Phil (the australian guy we met in Vienna). It turned out he was in a hostel down the street from us in Interlaken and wanted to meet us for a drink. We went over to his hostel and watched the England v. Poland world cup qualifying game. His hostel was much livlier than ours and we stayed there until about 11. We came back to our hostel and packed for our departure in the morning. We left around 9 this morning and arrived in Milan at 1:30. We are now just hanging out in our hostel for the night. We are going to catch the 7:30am bus to the airport tomorrow and finally finsh our European Adventure.

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Interlaken Day 3

Hiking in the Alps


Well Daniela came back from her paragliding experience and loved it. She said, and I quote, "I jumped off a mountain strapped to a hunky Swiss guy". It doesn't get any better then that. Last night Daniela, Chef Keith and I went to a restaurant for dinner and had fondue. It was more food then I have ever seen. It was fun cooking your own food and making all sort of concoctions. Today we went for a hike up a mountain just in front of our hostel. It was a tough hike but we all made it in one piece and in only 2.5 hours. At the top is a restaurant where we had lunch. The views are spectacular. I can't even describe what it's like to be up there and see the lakes that surround Interlaken and all the mountains. After lunch we headed back down the mountain and are now resting up tonight. We were thinking about playing some mini golf but we'll see. Tomorrow morning we leave early for Milan where we will spend the night and then leave for home the following day.

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Interlaken Day 2

Jumping off things


This morning I woke up with a bit of a chest cold. I think I may be getting a bit sick. We decided to take it easy and go souvenier shopping in town. It is so amazing here. Interlaken is nestled between the Alps. It is a small resort town and it is absolutely beautiful. It's a picture postcard for Switzerland. Today was the first day I actually felt like I'm on vacation. One of the most popular things to do here is to jump of the mountains and go paragliding. I'm afraid of heights so I surprised Daniela with a ticket. She is actually on her way now. She should be coming down with her tandem partner any minute. I can't wait to see what she thought of it. Today is going to be pretty quiet for us. We are just going to enjoy the scenery and hang around the hostel. This hostel is the best one we've been to so far. It's so nice and the beds are super comfortable. Our friend from Prague Keith (the chef from Alaska) is here as well. He's been going around town with us. We're just planning on watching a movie tonight. Tomrrow Daniela and I are going to hike up one of the mountains. It should take about 4-5 hours. I'm so excited!

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Leaving Holland

Planes trains and automobiles

Today we spent the whole day traveling. Martijn dropped us off at Lelystad Central station at 7am where we took a train to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we caught a shuttle to Eindhoven Airport. We then flew into Milan Bergiamo and took a shuttle to Milan Central Station. We then caught a train to Spiez Switzerland and changed trains and arrived in Interlaken at 9pm. We then slept.

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Holland Day 4



Today we just hung aroudn the house and recuperated from our big night out. We went back to Lemmer to get some coffee and watch the boats sail by. It was a really nice day for it. Later on we went back to the Binker to watch a hot dog eating contest. It was a bit boring since it lasted for 45 minutes. It was funny becuase about half the contestants were out with us the night before and drank a lot of beer. They were not doing to well in the competition as you could imagine. The winner ended up eating 15 foot long hot dogs in 45 minutes. After that we went home and watched some TV. Daniela and I got ready to leave. We are leaving tomorrow morning.

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