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Holland Day 3

Soccer, soccer, soccer


Today Daniela and I went to watch Martijn play soccer with his team. He plays on his city's team and they were playing another city about an hour away. It was a perfect day for soccer. Unfortunately his team lost 0-2. I got a lot of good pics of him playing so that was good. Later that night we went to the local bar called "Da Binker" (that's the real name I did not make it up) to watch Czech Republic play Holland in a world cup qualifying game. We got to meet some of Martijn's friends there and they were still nice to me even after I told them I wanted the Czech Republic to win :). Well the Czech Republic also lost 0-2. It was a sad day for soccer. I did get made fun of a lot after that. After the game we went to Lemmer, a town near Martijn's where we ate dinner the first night, for some dancing. The place was packed with people and the DJ was playing anything from Old American Rock to Dutch music. I never felt so short in my entire life. The averate height of the people there had to be at least 6'2" even girls!!! Martijn's friends had to pratically get down on their knees to have a conversation with me. They were shocked when I told them I was 24. I guess I looked a lot younger... oh well. We had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out with the Dutch guys.

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Holland Days 1 and 2

Seeing Martijn


So Daniela and I stayed up all night again in the hostel in order to catch our shuttle at 5:30 in the morning. We were entertained by some Australian servicemen on leave from Iraq. We explained to them we needed to stay awake and they did their best playing cards and telling us jokes to keep us up. When we went down to the street to catch our shuttle, we waited 15 minutes for it. I finally got fed up and went back up to the hostel to call a cab. I was pretty agitated becuase I did not want to miss the flight to Holland. The cab driver can right away and got us to the airport in no time. Once we got there we found out our flight was delayed, they told us due to weather conditions. We were both really tired and passed out on these really uncomfortable airport chairs. Two hours later we boarded our plane (Martijn told us later that the delay was due to a WWII bomb being uncovered at the airport). We finally made our way to Amsterday central station and then on to Lelystad where Martijn picked us up. He drove us to his town, Criel, which is a small farming town of about 2000 people. The drive was amamzing. There were windmills lining the road and on the otherside was the huge lake. It was so beautiful. Martijn has such a nice house right in the the center of town. It was so nice to be in a house again. We went to the market to do some shopping and I decided that I was going to cook for everyone all weekend. We did a major food shopping and completely filled up his fridge. We ended the night going out onto the dyke and looking up at the stars. It was really cool.
The following day after breakfast we went to see Martijn's farm that he works on with his dad and brother. It was really impressive. They farm tulips as well as seed potatoes. It's really high tech how the do things. They have machines to do just about everything. They rent out a piece of their land to a sheep farmer. As soon as I saw that I ran out into the field to pet some sheep. I love sheep. I walked up slowly to them as to not scare them and one of them came up to me for a scratch. It was so cool. That made my day. Later on we went to this really great seaside town about 10 minutes way to get some drinks. It reminds me of towns on the coast of Maine. There were really nice boats there. We finished the night with dinner and watched a movie on the couch. I love that the movies are in English here with Dutch subtitles so we can watch TV.

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Prague Day 5



So today we went to Plzen (Pilsen in English). It's a city about an hour and a half from Prague toward Germany. The town is home to the Pilsen brewery the makers of Pilner Urquell. We did the brewery tour and it was fantastic. We went into all the places where the were actually brewing the beer and got to do a tasting of beer before the final filtartion. It was really tasty. Pilsner Urquell tastes much better here. It's less bitter then it is at home. It's weird becuase the Pilsner at home is imported from the factory we were at. Maybe it doesn't travel well. Anyway we went into the center after that and had some coffee. The town itself is very urban it is much bigger than Kutna Hora. It was a good day. Now our Irish friends from Bratislava have come and we're going out to dinnner with them and Keith a chef from Alaska who is staying in the same room. We will probably stay up all night again because we have to catch the shuttle to the airport at 5:30 in the morning for our 7:30am flight to Amsterdam.

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Prague Day 4

Kutna Hora


So today Daniela and I hoped on a train about an hour to a small town just southeast of Prague called Kutna Hora. It's on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites. It was a really quaint town with a lot of charm. We walked around for a couple of hours and took in the sights. On our way back to the train station we went to this church that was decorated inside entirely of human bones. It was the remains of 40,000 people. It had everything from bone chandeliers to wall decorations. It was so bizarre and a little distrubing. Tomorrow we're heading out to Pilsen to do some beer tasting... YUM!

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Prague Day 3

More crappy weather but a new hostel!


So today Daniela and I moved into our new hostel. It is far nicer in terms of ammenities and atomosphere except it was a pain to find. We walked around for an hour today to find it. It's on the outskirts of Prague in a suburb right near the train station. It's a good location for us now becuase we plan on doing day trips out of Prague using the train. It also has free internet which is also a plus. Anyway the weather has been very cold and overcast so we just hung around the hostel. We don't really have any plans for tonight so I guess we'll get to bed early for our trip to Kutna Hora tomorrow. That's where the bone church is. I'm excited to see it.

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